by Paul Swift and Spectacle Theatre Ltd

In the Dark Woods is the story of 2 sisters.

Ella, who’s 6, and Izzy who’s 13. The story begins one day after school when Ella is alone in her bedroom…

“Do you want to play?… I’ll be Rapunzel, and she’s really small, and she’s lost her Mammy in the dark woods’’.

“Will you come with me into the dark woods and help me find my Mammy?”

Can you help Ella and Izzy find their Mammy before it’s too late?

In the Dark Woods is a participatory play for young people aged 7+, with a flexible structure that allows children and young people to respond at their own level. The play is part of an Educational Theatre Programme and uses fairy story characters and stories to examine loss & bereavement, and supports work on mental health, dementia, healthy relationships, domestic violence, and divided families. 

The programme consists of the play, post play discussions, workshops, and Teaching Support Materials, and is available for Years 3 and upwards.

Our programmes are designed to enable classes to talk safely about sensitive issues relevant to their lives, increasing empathy and understanding of their own and others’ experiences; to engage all, including those who don’t normally engage; to enable everyone to participate at their own level; to draw on and validate their experience and knowledge, raising confidence & self-esteem and having a positive impact on learning and behaviour.

To book the In the Dark Woods Educational Theatre Programme, please contact 

steve.davis@spectacletheatre.co.uk       TEL. 07900493691/ 07849513883

SPECTACLE – Helping to support those impacted by adverse childhood experiences.

Helping to prevent adversity in childhood or support those impacted by adverse childhood experiences.

Thanks to generous financial support from the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales: Spectacle Theatre LTD are offering a free drama programme designed to enable people to talk safely about sensitive issues relevant to their lives. The programme supports work which tackles adversity in childhood.

Appropriate for people aged 7+.

Delivered by trained, experienced and sensitive bi-lingual staff.

Available free to community or youth groups across South Wales.

January until March 2023. The project continues until 2025.

If you would like to know more or discuss how you can use this resource in your community setting, contact


What we offer

Spectacle Theatre are wanting to hear from organisations that may wish to use Spectacles Drama based resources, to support work around ACES. We can offer participatory plays or workshops which provide a flexible structure allowing children, young people, and families to respond at their own level. Both methods are inclusive and can be delivered bi-lingually. Both can examine issues like identity, isolation & loneliness. Both support work on adverse childhood experiences, poor mental health, safe relationships, homophobia, hate crime & domestic abuse.

We know that building on strengths and learning from experiences can help individuals, families, and communities to become more resilient. Our activities, help people connect with others, and aid improvement in mental and physical well-being. There is no charge for this work.

What we want to achieve 

  • Children having the best start in life and the opportunity to achieve their potential.
  • Provide inclusive activities/interventions which engage children and young people from across different communities.
  • Provide support for those impacted by childhood adversity or trauma and help build resilience or protective factors.
  • Promote the best interests of the child/ren and improve well-being.


Drama is a very powerful medium.

We create a safe space where we intellectually and emotionally engage at-risk people and provide an interactive fictional landscape to enable them to safely explore, talk about, and provide an objective viewpoint on difficult issues they may be experiencing.

Spectacle Theatre has an established history in using theatre and drama with people at risk. Enabling them to explore difficult issues relevant to their lives, including sexual health and sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying.

The project supports at-risk children. Enabling them to talk about sensitive issues, recognise warning signs and identify strategies to stay safe.

It will raise awareness for parents/carers, teachers, support workers and organisations.

It will enable teachers and workers to identify children at risk so they can receive appropriate support. We can offer these programmes to their parents/carers and provide follow-up and support materials for teachers and support workers.

If you would like further information, please contact Spectacle Theatre Ltd at


STORI – free drama workshops

Welsh and English Drama Workshops for young people and adults

Ydych chi neu ydych chi’n adnabod rhywun sydd eisiau…

‘Cwrdd â phobl newydd, datblygu hyder a chreadigrwydd? Cael hwyl?’

Hoffai Theatr Spectacle wahodd unrhywun 18+ oed i ddod i gymryd rhan yn ein gweithdy drama agored.

Bydd y gweithdy yn cael ei gynnal:

Dydd Llun Tachwedd 14eg

Text Box: Gall pobl sy’n cymryd rhan ddisgwyl: cael eu croesawu/gwneud ffrindiau/datblygu hyder/cael hwyl/cael llais/dysgu oddi wrth ei gilydd@ Y Ffatri,

      Stryd Jenkin,



      CF39 9PP

7pm tan 8.30pm

Darperir lluniaeth

For more information email: carys.parry@spectacletheatre.co.uk

Or call: 07849518616

STORI-taster workshops for adults and young people

  Do you or do you know someone who wants to…

‘Meet new people, develop confidence and creativity? Have fun?’

Spectacle Theatre would like to invite anyone aged 18+ to come and take part in our open drama workshop.

The workshop will take place:

 Monday 14th November

@ The Factory,

     Jenkin Street,



     CF39 9PP

  7pm until 8.30pm

Refreshments provided

For more information email: carys.parry@spectacletheatre.co.uk

Or call: 07849518616

Spectacle Theatre Ltd Annual General Meeting 2022

You are invited to our Annual General Meeting 2022

Date: 22nd November 2022

Venue: The Factory, Jenkin Street, Porth, CF39 9PP

Time: 4pm to 7.30pm. 4pm to 6pm Main event, 6pm to 6.30pm Light Buffet and Refreshments, 6.30pm to 7.30pm AGM.

Please click on the link to reserve your free place.


”Have your say about the woodlands of the Rhondda”

Spectacle are undertaking a community consultation, about the use we make of the publicly owned woodlands and forests in the Rhondda Valley.  We are  consulting  with people living in the Rhondda on behalf of National Resources Wales.

As a part of the consultation, we will be conducting two ‘WALK and TALK’   events. Walk and Talk is an opportunity to walk the woods and discuss future plans for the woodland.

Tuesday , March the 15th   at    ‘Maendy’ Treorchy    CF42 , 6DH

Monday, 21st March at ‘Barry Sidings’ Trehafod CF37 2PE

events are

at 9-30 – 11-30

WEDNESDAY the 23rd of March a participatory theatre and consultation event will be held

at Ton Pentre AFC Social club , CF41 7AF

5-7 pm

all events are free – all welcome

Swydd Hwylusydd Theatr Gymunedol, yn Theatr Spectacle Cyf

Mae Theatr Spectacle Cyf yn chwilio ar frys am berson i drefnu a chyflwyno gweithdai Theatr Gymunedol yn Rhondda Cynon Taf. Byddwch yn rhan o dîm bach, weithiau’n gweithio’n annibynnol. Nod y gweithdai yw i ddatblygu synnwyr o les y cyfranogwyr.

Bydd disgwyl i chi gyflwyno gweithdai sy’n seiliedig ar y Celfyddydau gyda phobl ifanc sy’n  agored i niwed a thrigolion hŷn.

Gellir darparu hyfforddiant os oes angen.

Lleolir y swydd yn y Ffatri Bop ym Mhorth, ac mae’r lleoliadau gwaith yn RhCT.

Y post

35 awr yr wythnos. ( Gellir trafod gweithio rhan amser ) am gyfnod o dri mis o Ionawr 2022.

Telerau ac amodau Ecwiti/Cyngor Theatr Annibynnol.

Y gallu i yrru yn hanfodol / Siarad Cymraeg yn ddymunol

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth neu i drafod y post, e-bostiwch neu ffoniwch Steve Davis

Steve.spectacletheatre@gmail.com / 07900493691


Community Facilitator Required

Community Theatre Facilitator post,  at Spectacle Theatre Ltd

Spectacle Theatre Ltd urgently seek a person to organise and deliver Community Theatre workshops within Rhondda Cynon Taff.  You will be a part of a small team, sometimes working independently. Aim of workshops to develop participants sense of wellbeing

You will be expected to deliver Arts based workshops with vulnerable youth and older residents

  • Training can be provided if required.
  • The post is based at the Factory in Porth
  • The working venues are within RCT.

The post

  • 35 hours per week. ( Part time working can be negotiated )
  • runs for a period of three months from January 2022.
  • Terms and conditions Equity / Independent Theatre council .

Ability to drive essential  / Welsh Speaking desirable

For further Information or to discuss the post  please email or call Steve Davis

Steve.spectacletheatre@gmail.com   / 07900493691

The National Lottery Community Fund

We are happy to announce that we have been successful with our National Lottery Community Fund application and would like to thank the lottery players for making this happen!


Spectacle Theatre's Response to COVID-19