by Paul Swift and Spectacle Theatre Ltd

“Do you believe in monsters?… Shrek’s a monster and kids love him, but if Shrek lived on my estate, they’d probably kill him. And real monsters don’t look like Shrek, they look just like everybody else. And they don’t rescue princesses, they do horrible, unspeakable things…. I know a real monster. They’re the reason I don’t go to school. This friend said I should tell someone. Shall I tell you?…


Megan is 14 years old. With the help of the audience, she begins to tell the story of a monster, how it grows up and finds out what it is.

Responses to Making Monsters

Pupils Year six

‘Thought it was sad and funny all at the same time’

‘Sad because parents wouldn’t look after their own child’

‘Enjoyed it all ‘

‘Some children don’t have easy lives.



‘The Drama resonated with the pupils , with different aspects appealing to different pupils based on their understanding ‘

‘Oracy and Drama were extremely useful and relevant in communicating issues/ life stories . It deepened understanding and engaged higher order thinking skills in all pupils’



Spectacle Theatre produces plays and projects for all sorts of different groups.

Making Monsters is an interactive play for people aged 9+ . The play is specifically designed to enable people to talk safely about sensitive, issues relevant to their lives, increasing empathy and understanding of their own and others’ experiences.

The participatory play has a flexible structure allowing young people to respond at their own level. The play examines issues around identity, isolation & loneliness, and supports work on ACES, mental health, safe relationships, homophobia, hate crime & domestic abuse.

The story is based on real life and there is some abusive language and abusive attitudes in the play. We aim to engage all, raise confidence & self-esteem and have a positive impact on learning and behaviour. The programme consists of the play, post play discussions, workshops and Teaching Support Materials.  


Making Monster Theatre workshops

Each workshop will last for a designated time, fitting in with your timetable, and comprise of the following.

  • Warm up games, fun energetic and introducing the themes

Reflection on the play

  • The participants will be facilitated in responding to the play and to fill in the gaps from their own experience.
  • This play will be explored from several viewpoints, from within the play.
  • We will explore cause and effect and its relationship to behaviour.
  • We will then explore how the action can be changed to find an appropriate course of action that meets each person’s needs.
  • This will include who else could we speak with, turn to for advice and support either professional or peers etc.
  • The participants will then be encouraged to develop their own scenes that reflect their understanding and offer their own questions about the play .
  • These scenes will be shared with the group
  • Closing and thanking the students for their participation.

To book the Making Monster Educational Theatre Programme, please contact       TEL.  07900493691 / 07849513883



Spectacle Theatre are offering a participatory play or to design a bespoke workshop with your group. Each provides a flexible structure allowing children, young people, and families to respond at their own level. Both methods are inclusive. Both can examine issues like identity, isolation & loneliness. Both support work on adverse childhood experiences, poor mental health, safe relationships, homophobia, hate crime & domestic abuse.

We know that building on strengths and learning from experiences can help individuals, families, and communities to become more resilient. Our activities, help people connect with others, and aid improvement in mental and physical well-being.

What we want to achieve

· Children having the best start in life and the opportunity to achieve their potential.

· Provide inclusive activities/interventions which engage children and young people from across different communities.

· Provide support for those impacted by childhood adversity or trauma and help build resilience or protective factors.

· Promote the best interests of the child/ren and improve well-being.


Drama is a very powerful medium.

We create a safe space where we intellectually and emotionally engage at-risk people and provide an interactive fictional landscape to enable them to safely explore, talk about, and provide an objective viewpoint on difficult issues they may be experiencing.

Spectacle Theatre has an established history in using theatre and drama to engage disadvantaged young people, adults, and families. Enabling them to explore difficult issues relevant to their lives, including sexual health and sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying.

We aim our projects to target at-risk children and young people (7 – 25) in South Wales, where there is an identified need, through their schools and community organisations. We will also offer these programmes to their parents/carers and provide follow-up and support materials for teachers and support workers.

The project supports at-risk children. Enabling them to talk about sensitive issues, recognise warning signs and identify strategies to stay safe. It will raise awareness for parents/carers, teachers, support workers and organisations. It will enable teachers and workers to identify children at risk so they can receive appropriate support.

If you would like further information, please contact Spectacle Theatre Ltd at


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