Spectacle Theatre provides opportunities for people of all ages to become involved with the work of the company and is proud of its record in mentoring young people into the creative industries or other employment.

We provide

Work placement for students in Further and higher Education, people on employment training programmes. These placements can last from two weeks to six months.

Work experience for secondary school students, usually for one week. These places can be booked through Careers Wales in school, or by directly contacting the company.

Volunteering opportunities, the company welcomes volunteers and adheres to a volunteering contract to ensure the experience is valuable for the company and volunteer.

Jobs Growth Wales, Spectacle has a good track record of employing people through the jobs growth Wales scheme and then continuing to employ them within the company or to find them appropriate work with other organisations.

Mentoring, we mentor people who we contact through our work into employment, education or training. We are very grateful to the Rhondda Trust for supporting this work within the company and enabling us to formalise our relationships with voluntary and public sector organisations.

Organisations we work with; ITEC, Coleg Y Cymoedd, Elite employment, Careers Wales, Your Futures First, Communities First Clusters, University of Bath, Metropolitan University Cardiff, Atrium, Trinity College Carmarthen, Youth Offending Service RCT, Hafal , New Horizons.

Do you know someone who would benefit through mentoring?

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