Arts Factory Ferndale Creu Cynnydd – Creating Progress

Spectacle Theatre are at the Arts Factory in Ferndale this evening from 5-7 . We are running taster workshops for our Creating Progress – Creu Cynnydd project. The workshops are for people aged 11-25 .

Bydd Theatr Spectacle yn yr Arts Factory heno ‘ma, rhwng 5 a 7 or gloch, yn cynnal gweithdy ar gyfer ein prosiect Creu Cynnydd- Creating Progress . Mae’r gweithdy ar gyfer pobl 11-25 oed.

Nod y prosiect yw i wella hunan hyder a hunan barch, datblygu gwytnwch a sut i drin sefyllfaoedd o straen, lleihau ynysiad cymdeithasol a chynyddu cyfleoedd i bobl ifanc i ddylanwadu ar yr hyn sydd yn bwysig iddynt.

Creating Progress – Creu Cynnydd aims to improve the wellbeing of young people aged 11-25 in RCT, by developing young people’s resilience to cope and manage stressful situations, decreasing social isolation and increasing opportunities for young people to express themselves creatively.



Spectacle Theatre's Response to COVID-19

Spectacle Theatre are going online from 30th March 2020.

Please contact us via email for any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.