Imagine The Rocky Horror show meets The Jeremy Kyle Show:

That’s exactly what you can expect from ‘It’s The Jennifer Vyle Show.’

Last week the Spectacle team working with Paul Swift (the writer of Just Like Family, Someone Else’s shoes and The Other Woman) spent the week, busily crafting the structure and plot for our forthcoming production, ‘It’s The Jennifer Vyle Show’. Of course we can’t share every last detail with you as the content and some aspects of the play may change and more importantly there would be no surprises left for you as an audience. So we are just going to divulge what we can…

‘I would like, if I may take you on a strange journey…’ Two families from Wales. They appear very different at first, almost nothing in common. But when the surface is scratched and the closet is prised open, it becomes apparent, that maybe they’re not so different after all! The cracks begin to appear and the skeletons come to life. Secrets and lies pull them in every direction. Who will remain sane? Maybe they’re all mad! Or is that just Jennifer?

Welcome to the show.


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