Spectacle Theatre Anti-Bullying Event

Wednesday 20th of November 2013:

WOW! What a ‘spectacular Spectacle Theatre’ workshop! A 2 hour innovative and creative workshop that saw fantastic interactive delivery with a cross section of engaged learners ranging from Travel & Tourism, Enterprise learners to Performing Arts. Learners at every level were represented in an enjoyable yet thought provoking theatre session that ensures lasting impacts outside of the session.


“I really enjoyed the workshop…the students managed to find a lot of information they

related to or could transfer into their everyday situations. It was wonderfully interactive

…and helped them all to meet and work with other learners from around the campus

too. It would be interesting to see them come back with different topics for the learners

to explore”  (Staff Quote from the day).


There was also discussion to develop further collaboration and enrichment activities with the theatre company to provide new ways of supporting the curriculum. WATCH THIS SPACE…   New Spectacle logo  (3)


Spectacle Theatre's Response to COVID-19