Making Monsters by Paul Swift – touring South Wales

MAKING MONSTERS by Paul Swift and Spectacle Theatre Ltd

“Do you believe in monsters?… Shrek’s a monster and kids love him, but if Shrek lived on my estate, they’d probably kill him.And real monsters don’t look like Shrek, they look just like everybody else. And they don’t rescue princesses, they do horrible, unspeakable things…. I know a real monster. They’re the reason I don’t go to school. This friend said I should tell someone. Shall I tell you?…

Spectacle Theatre produces plays and projects for all sorts of different groups. Making Monsters is an interactive play for people aged 9+ .

The play is specifically designed to enable classes to talk safely about sensitive issues relevant to their lives, increasing empathy and understanding of their own and others’ experiences.

The story is based on real life.

We aim to engage all, including those who don’t normally engage; to enable everyone to participate at their own level; to draw on and validate their experience and knowledge, raising confidence & self-esteem and having a positive impact on learning and behaviour.

The participatory play has a flexible structure that allows children and young people to respond at their own level. The play examines issues around identity, isolation & loneliness, and supports work on mental health, safe relationships, homophobia, hate crime & domestic abuse.

The programme consists of the play, post play discussions, workshops and Teaching Support Materials, and is available for Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

To book the Making Monster Educational Theatre Programme, please contact       TEL.  07900493691

Megan is 14 years old. With the help of the audience, she begins to tell the story of a monster, how it grows up and finds out what it is.

Responses to Making Monsters

Pupils Year six

‘Thought it was sad and funny all at the same time’ ‘sad because parents wouldn’t look after their own child’ ‘enjoyed it all ‘   ‘ some children don’t have easy lives’


‘Oracy and Drama were extremely useful and relevant in communicating issues/ life stories . It deepened understanding and engaged higher order thinking skills in all pupils’

‘The Drama resonated with the pupils , with different aspects appealing to different pupils based on their understanding ‘


Spectacle Theatre charge £300 plus VAT per half day

Spectacle Theatre charge £450 plus VAT per whole day

A half day includes a performance , workshop and follow up materials

A full day includes two performances and workshops .


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