Community Voice

What is the Community Voice Project?

The programme is all about producing services together – called ‘co production’, this means:

  • Recognising everyone has something to contribute.
  • Seeing everyone as equal partners in improving local services.
  • Creating social networks.
  • Breaking down the barriers between people who provide services and those who use them.

Our Outcomes

We will produce services together so that people and communities will benefit from:

  • More effective engagement with key public sector organisations.
  • Influencing decisions about services they receive.
  • Being more able to develop local services.
  • Local services that better meet their needs.

Interlink RCT is supporting the following organisations deliver their Community Voice projects:

  1. Coproducing the Future – Glyncoch Regeneration Partnership
  2. Create a Voice – Eye to Eye
  3. The Breakthrough Project – Age Concern Morgannwg
  4. Our Voice, Our Future – Tonypandy Community College
  5. Neighbours / Cymdogion – Spectacle Theatre Ltd
  6. Wanting to be Heard – Cardiff Vale and the Valleys
  7. Ynysybwl Futures – Ynysybwl and Glyncoch Regeneration Partnership
  8. Welcome to our Woods!- Learn & Grow

Spectacle Theatre and Community Voice

Neighbours /Cymdogion is a three Year project 2014-2016 exploring risky behaviour.

Our aim within Community Voice is to make a contribution to greater access to services and an improved experience for those delivering and using those services.

The eight Community Voice partners are working to identifying actions to address not only to the challenges they face but provide solutions to improve services for everyone in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

It is aimed that this model of co-production will be rolled out across other parts of Wales.

Community Voice – ‘Neighbours/Cymdogion’
‘Risky behaviour’ has many consequences particularly on health and well-being and impacts on all concerned whether they be the person(s) directly involved , family or community, friends , service providers, victims or bystanders. Risky behaviour impacts on all ages.

We are currently in the second year of our Community Voice ‘Neighbours’ project, raising awareness of and reducing the instances of ‘risky behaviour’ on the most vulnerable members of the community.

‘Risky behaviour’, associated with the following areas of concern has been identified as an area of need.

  • Alcohol and drug usage and experimentation
  • Sexual behaviour

The project aims to work with those most at risk and vulnerable, including the following groups

  • Children
  • Young people
  • Elderly residents
  • People with special needs

The first year brought rise to the extent that some people (especially the young), are partaking in ‘risky behaviour’ and in cases to extreme levels. (Individuals are being hospitalised on a monthly basis). This isn’t exclusive to young people.

The Neighbours project is attempting to understand the reasons behind the behaviour and not only focussing on the method used to escape the reason, allowing individuals and Community’s voices to begin to be heard.

The project continues to empower vulnerable individuals and Communities so that they report improved delivery of services which meet their needs more effectively, and have an improved engagement and participation in their community.

The Young People’s group in Penrhys continue to achieve great things. They have received a GwirVol funding grant for the second year running.

Case Studies

Neighbours - Community Voice 2013-2016 More info
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