Who Cares for The Carer

Project Scope

To work with a group of carers of all ages to create a short drama to enable others to understand what it is to be a carer. This short drama to be used at the launch of the Carers Measure strategy (Wales). The target group (10 people) were carers of all ages (9-60) who were referred to us by Cwm Taf Local Health board and its local support services for carers.

Methods and Outcomes

Over a period of three months we worked with the carers to explore the lived experience of being a carer. Focus was placed on what support is available for carers and where gaps in provision are. We looked at when people become carers and when they get identified by services as being a carer. We explored the hidden lives of carers. The play was enthusiastically received at the launch of the carer’s strategy. A request from the LHB was received to record the performance on DVD to be used as part of training for those who work with carers and to aid the identification of carers. This DVD was created Partners: Cwm Taf LHB, RCT Young Carers Service, Barnados Cymru Funders: SEWCED, LHB Cwm Taf, Interlink


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