Facilitation Training

“Working With”

This interactive one day workshop is intended for new or experienced facilitators wanting to develop and/or improve their facilitation skills. It provides you with fundamental facilitation tools and a structured process that can be applied to any type of facilitated session, whether it is workshop on exploring themes such as ‘healthy relationships ‘, a planning session, community-based meeting, an idea generating session, or any kind of meeting that you want to be meaningful and productive.

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Facilitation Training


We aim to engage, work with and ultimately enable participants to take control of their own learning, working in a fun, non-judgemental way.

Workshops are particularly useful when engaging with:

*Vulnerable people
Those seeking employment, education and training
Older community members

Our workshop themes include:

*Anti Bullying and Well being
*Risky Behaviour and Healthy Relationships
*Education, Learning and Achievement
*Financial Inclusion

You know your intended outcomes, speak with us to design a service for you.

(Staff hold CRB certificates, trained in child protection, working with vulnerable adults).

Dandelion Drama Club

Dandelion Drama Club was a ten week drama session that took place weekly at Rumble in the Jungle every Wednesday for 3-4 year olds and 5-11 year olds after school to help build the confidence of children through drama. The ten week sessions revolved around games and telling the story of The Smartest Giant in Town with the final performance delivered to the children’s parents. The sessions were highly enjoyed by both the children and the staff.

“In the beginning, my daughter took time to get involved but the team were fabulous.” 

“From a parent’s point of view it was interesting to see how the children were encouraged.” 

“My child really enjoyed the sessions. It’s nice to see a drama class for 3-4 year olds.” 

“My child enjoyed the dancing, story telling and making masks.”


The children were awarded with certificates in completion of Dandelion Drama Club and enjoyed a small buffet after the hard work they put into their performance.

dandelion  set

The set of the performance

Dandelion food

The fruit buffet




A massive well done to Summer, Jordan, Jasmin, Megan,  Alisia, Ieuan, Fern and Zara for taking part in the sessions!

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Connecting Communities

Yesterday we were at Interlink‘s Connecting Communities event at Michael Sobell Sports Centre in Aberdare. Steve, Ann and our work experience student, Dylan, went around the event asking guests what they think is needed in the community. Jenny and Jazz were also present with a stall promoting our work.  Here are some photos from the event:


Connecting Communities July 2014 5


Connecting Communities July 2014 4

Connecting Communities July 2014 2

Connecting Communities July 2014 3


It was a very interesting and useful event and everyone from Spectacle who attended really enjoyed the morning.

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Dandelion Drama Club Update

Due to the success of Dandelion Drama Club last week, we will be adding a new session for 3-4 year olds. This means that previous times have changed. Times and costs are as follows:


Wednesday 4th June – Wednesday 16th July

Parent & Toddler




3-4 year olds




5-11 year olds 


£3.50 or £5 for two


Includes free entry to Rumble in the Jungle. 

For more information on the sessions or to guarantee a space for your child, please email info@spectacletheatre.co.uk or call (01443) 430700.






Dandelion Drama Club

This Whitsun half term, we held two taster sessions for our new Dandelion Drama Club. They took place in Rumble in the Jungle in Clydach Vale and were lots of fun!

We will be running the Dandelion Drama Club  from Wednesday 4th June until Wednesday 16th July.

£4 per parent & toddler

£3.50 // £5 for two siblings.

Includes FREE entry to Rumble in the Jungle!

To book your space please email info@spectacletheatre.co.uk or call (01443) 430700.

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It’s totally mental…aren’t we all?

Press Release:  21/02/2014

Press Release pictureRhondda, Wales: International award winning theatre company Spectacle Theatre Ltd are embarking on an all Wales tour with their latest production ‘It’s The Jennifer Vyle Show’ by Paul      Swift.

It’s a dark stormy night, rolling thunder and pounding rain. Then you hear a knock at the door…it’s a young women. She says she needs help shelter from the storm. She says she just needs to    make one phone call, and you let her in…But is she all she appears to be?…Certainly not! It’s Jennifer Vyle! Hold on to your secrets; hide your issues, because this is reality TV in your own   living room!

 ‘It’s The Jennifer Vyle Show’ humorously challenges the stigma surrounding mental health and well-being.

It is said that 1 in 4 people will be affected with mental health issues during their lifetime with mixed anxiety and depression being the most common of mental health issues within the UK.  9 out of 10 people with mental health issues experience stigma and discrimination and almost three in four young people fear the reactions of friends when they talk about their mental health problems.   (Mentalhealth.org.uk)

The question is do you want to challenge the stigma attached to mental health? Would you like be part of an audience of a reality TV show?

‘It’s The Jennifer Vyle Show,’ is an engaging and entertaining production directed by Carys Parry, ably assisted by a strong cast of Shane Nickels, Lizzie Rogan, Stephen Hickman and Amy Griggs, costume designer Rhiann Houlihan, stage manager Manda Graham and set built by Headstrong.

With support from the Arts Council of Wales, this play will be touring community venues from March 10th to April 12th 2014 and runs for 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is suitable for audiences 11+

Further details of the production can be obtained from Jade Emanuel at Spectacle Theatre (01443) 430 700   jade.spectacletheatre@gmail.com

You’d be bonkers to miss it!



Your Future First

Following the success of our initial ‘Your Future First’ workshop, the New Year sprang into life with our second session with the group.

Our first workshop saw the staff and young people taking part in a number of entertaining and fun activities getting to know one another before embarking on an engaging and challenging 13 week journey together.

Our second session re-engaged the young people, through games and activities, culminating in the creation of a short film outlining all the good and positive things about themselves and each other. The young people thoroughly enjoyed the light hearted and uplifting session which saw them re-energised and motivated for the remaining weeks ahead.

Thank you for the session at the Pop Factory last week. I really think it was a beneficial session, and all the YP’s really enjoyed it! – The only trouble is, now they don’t want to do “proper” work, and want to do more fun stuff!’  (Staff Quote of the day)

We would like to wish everyone who is involved good luck with the rest of the programme.


Spectacle Theatre Anti-Bullying Event

Wednesday 20th of November 2013:

WOW! What a ‘spectacular Spectacle Theatre’ workshop! A 2 hour innovative and creative workshop that saw fantastic interactive delivery with a cross section of engaged learners ranging from Travel & Tourism, Enterprise learners to Performing Arts. Learners at every level were represented in an enjoyable yet thought provoking theatre session that ensures lasting impacts outside of the session.


“I really enjoyed the workshop…the students managed to find a lot of information they

related to or could transfer into their everyday situations. It was wonderfully interactive

…and helped them all to meet and work with other learners from around the campus

too. It would be interesting to see them come back with different topics for the learners

to explore”  (Staff Quote from the day).


There was also discussion to develop further collaboration and enrichment activities with the theatre company to provide new ways of supporting the curriculum. WATCH THIS SPACE…   New Spectacle logo  (3)


Spectacle Theatre's Response to COVID-19